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Table 1 Implementation strategies as planned for each target population

From: Implementation of an innovative web-based conference table for community-dwelling frail older people, their informal caregivers and professionals: a process evaluation

  Frail older people and informal caregivers Professionals Employing organizations
Recruitment strategies Involvement in development Involvement in development Financial compensation
  Flyers about the program Flyers about the program Educational program for employees
  Involvement of GP who asked for participation in screening Starting with intrinsically motivated early adopters by inviting general practices affiliated with the university hospital to participate  
  Involvement of informal caregiver   
Supporting strategies Visit by a volunteer who instructs them in the use of the ZWIP Interprofessional educational program (Continuing Medical Education credits available)  
  Internet and paper version of ZWIP E-learning  
  Telephonic helpdesk Coaching of professionals conducting the screening  
   Telephonic helpdesk  
   Tailoring of intervention to meet local circumstances  
   Deviations from inclusion criteria, such as including younger frail older people, allowed to gain experience  
   Financial compensation  
   Incentives such as the general practice receiving a cake after including the first frail older person  
  1. GP = General Practitioner; ZWIP = Health and Welfare Information Portal