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Table 3 Summary of economic evaluations comparing supervised centre-based cardiac rehabilitation (CR) vs home-based cardiac rehabilitation (HCR)*

From: A systematic review of economic evaluations of cardiac rehabilitation

Author (Year) Perspective Patient populations Study type Currency, price year Findings
Reid et al. (2005) Health system N = 392 CAD CCA US dollars, 2004 HCR: $5,267 per patient
      CR: $5,132 per patient; no difference
Taylor et al. (2007) Societal N = 80 MI CUA Sterling pounds, 2002-3 ICUR = −£644 per QALY in favour of CR but not significantly different
Papadakis et al. (2008) Health system N = 392 CAD CUA US dollars, 2004 ICUR = $11,400 per QALY in favour of CR
  1. MI, myocardial infarction. CAD, coronary artery disease. CCA, cost-consequences analysis. CUA, cost-utility analysis. QALY, quality-adjusted life-years. ICUR, incremental cost-utility ratio. * cost-minimization analyses were not included in this table (refer to Additional file 2: Appendix 2 for details).