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Table 2 Topic guide for the interview

From: Factors affecting collaboration between general practitioners and community pharmacists: a qualitative study

Topic guide Suggested questions to help the interviewer
Relationship nowadays How is your relationship with the CP/GP?
- If there is no relationship: Why do you think that there is no relationship?
- If the relationship is good/bad/regular: What do you think that makes the relationship good/bad/regular?
Utility of the collaboration Do you think that it would be useful to potentiate the teamwork between the GP and CP? Why?
What advantages do you see in working in collaboration with the CP/GP?
And what disadvantages do you see in collaborating with the CP/GP?
Opinion about the other group of professionals What do you think about the CP/GP?
How do you think that CP/GPs see GP/CPs?
Barriers for communication If you tried to get in contact with the CP/GP at any time, what difficulties did you have?
You told me that when trying to get in contact with the CP/GP you had problems because… can you think of any others?
Barriers for collaboration What do you think makes collaborative work difficult?
Facilitators for communication What steps do you think could be taken to improve communication with CPs/GPs?
Facilitators for collaboration How do you think collaborative work could be promoted or strengthened?
Impact from the National Health System Is there any aspect in the organization of the health system that you think is affecting the relationship between GPs and CPs? In what sense?
  1. GP = General practitioner; CP = Community pharmacist.