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Table 3 Predictive modelling tools, clinical teams in primary care and auditing tools for appropriateness of admission in common use

From: Triumph of hope over experience: learning from interventions to reduce avoidable hospital admissions identified through an Academic Health and Social Care Network

Predictive modelling tools Primary care-based clinical teams Appropriateness of admission evaluation tools
-PARR -Community Matrons -AEP (including several country-specific versions)
-PARR++ -Virtual Wards  
-Combined Predictive Model -Guided Care Model -ISD - Intensity (of service), Severity (of illness), Discharge criteria, InterQual Inc.
-ACG -PACE-Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly -MCAP- Managed Care Appropriateness Programme
-HUM-Dr Foster high impact user management tool GRACE- Geriatric Resources for Assessment and Care of Elders -MPAP-Medical Patients Appropriateness programme
-CPM-Health dialog Combined Predictive Model   -The Oxford Bed study instrument
-PRISM-Welsh Predictive Risk Stratification Model   -SMI- Standardised Medreview Instrument
-SPARRA- Scottish Patients At Risk of Readmission and Admission   -
-ADRIntell   -