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Table 4 Study characteristics of E-ECHOES compared to UK population norms [9, 10]

From: Population health status of South Asian and African-Caribbean communities in the United Kingdom

  E-ECHOES UK Normative data [8, 9]
Study period September 2006 to July 2009 Last quarter 1993
Population SA and AC subjects from 20 practices in Birmingham, UK Addresses in the UK to provide a sample representative of the general population with respect to age, gender and social class.
Sampling frame (n) 10902 6080 addresses
Number of participants (response rate, %) 5354 (49.1%) 3395 (55.8%)
Inclusion criteria SA or AC aged > 45 years. Age ≥ 18 years
Exclusion criteria Dementia or terminal illness Individuals in institutions, hostels, homes for the elderly or bed and breakfast
EQ-5D data collection Interview Questionnaire (as part of an interview process)