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Table 2 Summary of the outcome measures analysed in the study.

From: Assessment of a primary care-based telemonitoring intervention for home care patients with heart failure and chronic lung disease. The TELBIL study

  Primary outcome measure Secondary outcome measures
Mortality   - Mortality due to any cause
   - Mortality due to HF or CLD
Use of health care resources - Hospital admissions due to any cause - Hospital admissions due to HF or CLD
   - Duration of hospital stay
   - Emergency department visits
   - Home visits by GP or nurses
   - Visits to primary care centres by family or caregivers
   - Telephone contacts with professionals
   - Visits to specialist doctors
Clinical efficacy   - Worsening of the patients' pulmonary and/or heart condition (number of episodes)
Functional status and quality of life   - Patient Quality of Life (EQ-5D questionnaire)
   - Functional status (Barthel Index)
   - Caregiver burden (Zarit Burden Interview)
Cost-effectiveness   - Cost-effectiveness (using QALYs)
Satisfaction with the new technology   - Degree of satisfaction of patients and health care professionals
Compliance   - Patient and provider compliance with the telemonitoring