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Table 7 Factor analysis - leadership style

From: Leadership, staffing and quality of care in nursing homes

Factor analysis - Rotated Component Matrix (N = 444 staff)
Task-oriented = TO, Relationship-oriented = RO Component
  1 2
   The supervisor is thoughtful towards the staff (RO) 0.909  
   The supervisor will be there for the staff if necessary (RO) 0.895  
   The supervisor listen to the staff (RO) 0.894  
   The supervisor gives supports and encourages the staff (RO) 0.877  
   The supervisor is active in order to solve personal conflicts in the ward (RO) 0.831  
   The supervisor is monitoring the performance of the tasks to make sure they are done properly (TO) 0.640 0.542
   There are strict routines for refilling face cloth. towels and incontinence products (TO)   0.770
   Reports during changing of personnel is preformed in a proper fashion (TO)   0.740
   All personnel in the ward are aware of each individuals field of responsibility (TO)   0.734
   The supervisor is concerned about the performance of routines. procedures and care plans (TO) 0.568 0.623