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Table 1 Definition of responsiveness domains by WHO

From: Testing the WHO responsiveness concept in the Iranian mental healthcare system: a qualitative study of service users

Domain Definition
Dignity being shown respect
having physical examinations conducted in privacy
Autonomy being involved in deciding on your care or treatment if you want to
having providers ask your permission before starting treatment or tests
Confidentiality having conversations with healthcare providers where other people cannot overhear
having your medical history kept confidential
Clear communication having healthcare providers listen to you carefully
having healthcare providers explain things so you can understand
giving patients and family time to ask healthcare providers questions
Prompt attention getting care as soon as wanted
having short waiting times for tests
Access to social support networks being able to have family and friends bring personally preferred foods, and other things to the hospital during the hospital stay
being able to observe social and religious practices during hospital stay
access to newspapers and TV
interacting with family and friends during hospital stay
Choice of healthcare provider being able to see a healthcare provider you are happy with
being able to choose the institution to provide your health care
Quality of basic
having enough space, seating and fresh air in the waiting room or wards,
having a clean facility
  1. Source: Valentine 2003