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Table 1 Occupations related to health and rehabilitation services mapped to the International Standard Classification of Occupations, 2008 revision

From: Health-related rehabilitation services: assessing the global supply of and need for human resources

Occupational category ISCO code* Examples of national occupation titles
Generalist medical practitioners 2211 General medical practitioner, Family medical practitioner, Primary health care physician
Specialist medical practitioners 2212 Specialist physician (physical and rehabilitation medicine), Physiatrist, Orthopaedic surgeon
Nursing professionals 2221 Specialist nurse (physical therapy)
Physiotherapists 2264 Physiotherapist, Orthopaedic physical therapist
Audiologists and speech therapists 2266 Audiologist, Speech therapist, Speech-language pathologist
Other health professionals 2269 Occupational therapist
Medical and dental prosthetic technicians 3214 Orthotist, Orthotic technician, Prosthetist, Prosthetic technician, Orthopaedic appliance technician
Physiotherapy technicians and assistants 3255 Physiotherapy technician, Physiotherapy assistant, Rehabilitation technician, Massage therapy technician
Other health associate professionals 3259 Respiratory therapy technician
  1. Source: Adapted from International Labour Organization [20]. *Note: Refers to the ISCO-08 code at the most disaggregated four-digit (unit group) level.