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Table 1 Questions used to direct discussion with doctors to collect information about their attitudes to VTE prophylaxis and the barriers and facilitators to them adopting VTE Clinical Practice Guidelines

From: Clinicians adopting evidence based guidelines: a case study with thromboprophylaxis

1 When you are presented with a patient with a particular problem how do you ensure the appropriate care is provided and no aspect of care is overlooked?
2 How are changes or new research findings incorporated into your practice?
3 Some people think there is some variability in the practice of medicine. Why do you think this perception exists? How is consistency of treatment ensured in your area?
4 In general what do you know and how do you feel about VTE prophylaxis?
5 What influences whether a patient is VTE risk assessed in your ward and who oversees the assessment? What is the process in different parts of the hospital for a patient receiving or not receiving VTE prophylaxis? What is your role?
6 How often do you check junior staff are doing what you assume should be done and what you have asked to be done?
7 Can you tell me about a particular patient on your ward that is now receiving
     i. Anticoagulant prophylaxis?
     ii. Mechanical prophylaxis?
     iii. Not receiving either?
8 What was it about that patient or their management that has resulted in them receiving or not receiving prophylaxis?
Would you manage medical patients differently to surgical patients with regards to VTE prophylaxis?
9 How have you gained your information and knowledge about VTE prophylaxis?
10 Do you know of anyone who has had poor outcomes because of VTE prophylaxis, or lack thereof? Has it changed your perspective?
11 How do you feel about the way this hospital manages/uses VTE prophylaxis in general?
12 In an ideal world where resources are not an issue how would you ensure VTE prophylaxis is optimized at this hospital? *
13 I will now give you the official guidelines that are endorsed by this hospital, please take a moment to review them. Are you familiar with them? *
14 Do you have any thoughts on them, on their improvement or otherwise. *
  1. * Questions added after completion of first 8 interviews.