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Table 3 Outcome measures of the process evaluation

From: Evaluating an in-home multicomponent cognitive behavioural programme to manage concerns about falls and associated activity avoidance in frail community-dwelling older people: Design of a randomised control trial [NCT01358032]

Component and definition Operationalisation Measurement
   SQ QCf V Qf Qp If D
Proportion of the intended target population that participated in the programme Characteristics of participants and facilitators +       +
  Number of participants that refused, dropped out or completed the programme        +
  Reasons for withdrawal        +
Extent to which the programme was implemented as planned Preparation time and duration of the session   + +     
  Per session component: extent to which carried out, duration and active participation by the participant   + +     
  Extent to which the facilitator achieved to:        
  - conveying information to the participant    + +    
  - having the participant phrase their important activities and how these activities could be performed safely and independently    + +    
  - having the participant set goals regarding an action plan    + +    
  - using motivational interviewing techniques    + +    
Dose received (exposure)         
Extent of participants' active engagement in and receptiveness to the programme Overall opinion of the facilitator/participant regarding the participant's engagement in:        
  - the programme     + +   
  - the formulation of an action plan and carrying out an action plan     + +   
  Use of materials   +    +   
  Exposure and adherence to homework   +   + +   
  Extent to which the participant complied with contracts   +   + +   
  Quality of action plans formulated by the participants     + +   
Dose received (satisfaction)         
Satisfaction of participants and facilitators with the programme Overall opinion of the participant      +   
  Experienced benefits, burden, usefulness by the participants     + +   
  Recommendations to others by participants      +   
  Overall opinion of the facilitator     +   +  
The extent to which problems were encountered while applying the programme Strong and weak aspects of the programme     + + +  
  Matters for improvement     + + +  
  1. SQ = screening questionnaire filled in by participant before start programme, QCf = questionnaire filled in by facilitator for each participant for each contact, V = voice recording for selection of contacts, Qf = questionnaire filled in by facilitator for each participant after completion of programme, Qp = questionnaire filled in by participant after programme, If = group interview with facilitators, and D = data recorded by researchers during programme period