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Table 1 In and exclusion criteria IN TOUCH

From: The value of INnovative ICT guided disease management combined with Telemonitoring in OUtpatient clinics for Chronic Heart failure patients. Design and methodology of the IN TOUCH study: a multicenter randomised trial

Inclusion criteria
Worsening HF defined as signs of fluid retention (peripheral oedema/congestion)
needing an increase of the dose of diuretics (i.v. or oral)
Evidence for structural underlying heart disease
Documented reduced left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) ≤45%
18 years of age
Patients have to be able to understand content of and willing to provide informed
Exclusion criteria
History of myocardial infarction in the previous month
Life expectation less than 1 year
Undergone cardiac invasive intervention within the last 6 months (PCI, CABG, HTX, valve replacement, CRT implantation)
A planned procedure for PCI, CABG, HTX, CRT implantation or valve replacement in the following 3 months
Evaluation for heart transplantation prior to or during the study
Weight more than 200 kilogram
The use of telemonitoring devices at home