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Table 3 Main findings of the study

From: Providing medical care for undocumented migrants in Denmark: what are the challenges for health professionals?

Access to ER care
   • ER physicians reported no difference in admission or treatment of undocumented migrants
   • Lack of access to previous medical records was a problem for ER physicians
   • Delay in treatment seeking implied that undocumented migrants presented with more advanced disease
   • Providing treatment for undocumented migrants increased the administrative work.
Access to GP care
   • Lack of formal entitlements to primary care made access more difficult
   • If the general practitioner agreed to treat the undocumented migrant, there was no difference in the services they offer in their own clinic
   • Referral pathways are more complicated for undocumented migrants e.g. only access to external diagnostic facilities at the ER
   • Follow-up was problematic due to lack of continuity of care for undocumented migrants.
Language issues
   • Diagnosing was complicated due to language problems
   • Language barriers made it difficult for the health professional to provide psychosocial support to the undocumented migrant.
Strategies for solving financial issues for GPs
   • GP covered expenses of treatment
   • GP offered treatment at a charge.
Uncertainty of the health professionals
   • GPs were uncertain concerning hospital admission of undocumented migrants
   • GPs were uncertain about whether they could prescribe medicine because the undocumented migrant had no social security number
   • The encounter with undocumented migrants could evoke unpleasant feelings in GPs
   • Health professionals did not know whether they were obliged to report undocumented migrants to the police.
Involvement of police or other authorities
   • Health professionals choose to focus solely on the medical problem of the undocumented migrant
   • Health professionals would report the undocumented migrant to the police only when they suspected a serious crime was involved
   • ER physicians would contact the police only if it was necessary for identification of the undocumented migrant or relatives in the case of a fatal outcome of treatment.