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Table 2 Health outcome (death %) in 10 medical conditions of hospital unplanned readmission

From: Unplanned readmission rates, length of hospital stay, mortality, and medical costs of ten common medical conditions: a retrospective analysis of Hong Kong hospital data

Principal Diagnosis (ICD9) Total n(%)
Malignant neoplasms(140-208) 685(30.8)
Heart disease(390-429) 679(8.0)
Cerebrovascular disease(430-438) 192(13.1)
Pneumonia(480-486) 1,601(24.0)
Injury and poisoning(800-999) 48(5.5)
Nephritis nephritic syndrome and nephrosis(580-589) 269(15.1)
Diabetes mellitus(250) 16(1.8)
Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis(571) 37(16.4)
Septicaemia(038) 148(14.2)
Aortic aneurysm(441) 8(24.2)