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Table 4 The relationship between themes and lower level codes

From: Patients as healthcare consumers in the public and private sectors: a qualitative study of acupuncture in the UK

Theme Examples of codes associated with theme
Value for money and willingness to pay • Private acupuncture has to be something special
• It is worth it if it works
Free and fair access • Not fair that some people can't afford to pay for acupuncture
• Acupuncture should be available to all (on the NHS)
Individualised holistic care: feeling cared for • Treated as a person
• NHS as a factory farm
Consequences of choice: empowerment and vulnerability • Chance of getting 'ripped off'
• Choice of (the best) practitioner
• Patient has control over consultation agenda
"Just added extras": physical environment • Expect more privacy in private sector
• Private sector treatment essentially the same as NHS treatment