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Table 1 Iterative Changes throughout the Program

From: Formative evaluation of the telecare fall prevention project for older veterans

Date Change
  Successfully Implemented
December 2008 Inclusion of falls-related patient education materials in the Telecare Tuck-In nurse's script
If the patient indicated that the materials were desired, the Patient Education Resource Center coordinator would mail out a packet of materials specifically selected by the falls workgroup developed for this project, with a cover letter (see Additional File 5)[2326].
December 2008 Inclusion of a check-box for fall prevention in the electronic Telecare-Tuck-In consult
Before this, healthcare professionals had to specifically request a fall prevention referral using free text in the electronic consult form.
August 2009 Telecare Tuck-In nurses began reading the falls script to some patients who were called for post-operative check-ins
This is a separate service the Telecare Tuck-In program provides.
  Not Fully Implemented
October 2008 through January 2009 Two initiatives for patient referrals were developed and vetted by the workgroup, but they were never fully implemented
• Social work service: they requested that only medical providers actually order the referrals, even if the social worker identified the patient as being at risk.
• Emergency Department: although one of us briefed the Emergency Department physicians on the program and one or two test referrals were made, we had difficulty sustaining interest in the program.