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Table 2 Statements in the CG-Questionnaire, rubricated in accordance with the Kralewski dimensions (* adapted statements from/** added statements to the original Kralewski questionnaire)

From: Quantifying culture gaps between physicians and managers in Dutch hospitals: a survey

Kralewski dimension 1-20 In our hospital...
Collegiality 1 There is a great deal of informal consultation.
  7 There is a close collegial relationship among the physicians.
  12 There is a strong sense of belonging to the group.
Information emphasis 2 We rely heavily on computer-based information when seeing a patient.
  8 We have very good methods to assure that our physicians change their practices to include new technologies and research findings.
Quality emphasis 4 We encourage internal reporting of patient care adverse events.
  9 There is an open discussion about clinical failures.
  13 We emphasize patient satisfaction.
Management style 5 The business office and administration are considered to be a very important part of our hospital.
  16 We expect our administrators to obtain and provide us with information that helps us improve the cost-effectiveness of our patient care.
Cohesiveness 10 There is widespread agreement about most moral/ethical issues.
  14 A rapid change occurs in clinical practice among our physicians when studies indicate that we can improve quality/reduce costs.
Business emphasis 15* When purchasing medical equipment, financial considerations are an important factor.
  17** We only hire an extra physician if he/she is cost-effective.
Organizational trust 3 Our compensation plan rewards physicians who work hard for our hospital.
  18** There is a high degree of trust in the decisions made by the board of directors.
Innovativeness 11 Innovations by our medial doctors are highly publicized.
  19** Our policy plans always mention innovative health care items.
Autonomy 6 There is a feeling that physicians are autonomous but practice in the same organization for support services
  20** The professional autonomy of physicians is an important condition for the quality of health care.