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Table 1 Medical facilities within the Irish Prison Service at time of inspection November 2007 - February 2008.

From: Primary medical care in Irish prisons

Prison Construction
Medical facilities description Modern medical facilities   Suitability of facilities
    Planned Built, but not in use at time of inspection  
1 Built as a psychiatric hospital in 1930 and converted for prison use in 1996 One surgery and one interview/office; no waiting area; unsuitable for number of medical staff Refurbishment planned 2009   No
2 Opened 1999 Well appointed facilities    Yes
3 Opened1814. Refurbished 1983; modified 1989 Totally inadequate for modern primary care delivery No improvements planned   No
4 Opened 1999 Adequate for present use    Yes
5 Opened 1821 Single, windowless room with no modern facilities; allowed use of adjoining facilities Opened March 2008   Yes
6 Opened 2000 Four consultation rooms;
treatment room; methadone administration room.
7 Opened 1850. Refurbished 2006 Adequate facilities; underutilised due to operational difficulties    Yes
8 Opened 1840 Totally inadequate for modern primary care delivery Due for expansion Due to open 2008 No
9 Opened 1973 Reasonably well appointed; requires refurbishment Due for minor refurbishment   Yes
10 Opened 1958 Totally inadequate;
1 single room
Minor refurbishment & enlargement due Jan 2009   No
11 Opened 1989 Totally inadequate for present needs. Due for expansion of services To be commissioned Feb 2009 No