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Table 2 HIV testing, syphilis testing, and related public health capacity at 8 STI clinics in South China

From: Integrated syphilis/HIV screening in China: a qualitative analysis

# Syphilis Nontreponem Test/price/turnaround time Syphilis Treponemal Test Free syphilis treatment HIV ELISA/price/turnaround time One-on-one rooms Counseling Reporting to official system Referral of HIV+ to local CDC
1 RPR/free/several hours Rapid test/free/minutes Yes Yes/$9/same day Yes Free VCT Yes Yes
2 RPR/free/several hours Rapid test/free/minutes Yes Yes/$11/same day Yes None Yes Yes
3 RPR/$7/several hours TPPA/$5/several hours No Yes/$10/several hours Yes None Yes Yes
4 RPR/$5/3 days TPPA/$3/3 days No Yes/$9/3 days No None Yes Yes
5 RPR/TPPA combined $7/several hours No Yes/$9/hours Yes Yes Yes Yes  
6 RPR/$1.50/30 minutes TPPA/$10/hours No Yes/$9/hours Yes None Yes Yes
7 none Rapid test/$5/few minutes No Yes/$9/minutes Yes None No Yes
8 none TRUST/$1.50/minutes No No Yes Limited on the phone Yes NA
  1. Abbreviations - RPR, rapid plasma reagin; TPPA, Treponema Pallidum particle agglutination; Treponema Pallidum haemagglutination test. FTA-Abs, fluorescent treponemal antibody absorbed; VDRL, Venereal Disease Research Laboratory.