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Table 1 Research procedure and timeline

From: Using a realist approach to evaluate smoking cessation interventions targeting pregnant women and young people

1. Phase One - April 2007 until March 2008
   Training and support for Logic Modelling process
   Organise training workshop for project staff to introduce evaluation proposal and Logic Modelling concept
   Develop, refine and confirm individual project Logic Models with project staff.
   Agree end of Phase One Logic Models with project staff
   Preparation for data collection
   Establish baseline data for intended target groups in all three regions; Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray.
   Prepare and submit ethics application for Phase Two.
   Agree short, medium & longer term outcome indicators with project staff
   Agree monitoring and reporting of routine and project monitoring data with project staff
   Develop draft interview schedules for Phase Two
   Formative feedback
   Review NICE recommendations on smoking cessation services and feedback to project staff
   Prepare and submit final version of Phase One report
   Host end Phase 1 feedback sessions for all project staff
2. Phase Two - April 2008 until June 2010
   Training and Support for Logic Modelling process
   Meet project staff to review ongoing relevance and validity of their project Logic Models
   Finalise Logic Models with project staff
   Preparation for data collection
   Set up database for routine and project monitoring data
   Refine and agree final interview schedules
   Data collection
   Set up and conduct interviews with service users, non-service users and project staff (service providers)
   Data analysis
   Transcribe interviews; code and analyse
   Routine and project monitoring outcome data-file cleaning & validation
   Routine and project monitoring data entry and analysis
   Publication and dissemination
   Prepare and submit interim Phase Two report
   Prepare and submit draft final report
   Write up and submit final report
   Prepare for & deliver final feedback event for all staff
   Prepare evaluation findings summary paper