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Table 1 Participant inclusion/exclusion criteria

From: Development and Evaluation of a Psychosocial Intervention for Children and Teenagers Experiencing Diabetes (DEPICTED): a protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial of the effectiveness of a communication skills training programme for healthcare professionals working with young people with type 1 diabetes

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
1. Type 1 diabetes 1. Not under care of parent or guardian (i.e. a looked after child)
2. 4-15 years old 2. Co-morbid chronic illness likely to impact on HbA1c independent of patient's ability to manage diabetes (e.g. condition requiring steroid treatment, cystic fibrosis, renal failure)
3. Under care of paediatric/adolescent diabetes team for duration of trial 3. In receipt of ongoing psychiatric/psychological therapy at the start of the study
4. Diabetes diagnosed > 12 months earlier 4. Other patients judged by clinical carer to be vulnerable due to existing medical or social condition
5. Parental or carer (and child when able) consent given  
6. Ability of patient and at least one parent or carer to complete study materials (questionnaires)