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Table 2 Examples of Data Use By Hospitals

From: Responses of Massachusetts hospitals to a state mandate to collect race, ethnicity and language data from patients: a qualitative study

Stratification of Quality Measures (between broad race categories or specific ethnic groups)

• Patient satisfaction surveys

• Readmission rates and length of stay for surgical patients

• Receipt of standard of care for cancer patients

• Access to mental health services

• Diabetes control measures

• Vaccination and cancer screening rates

• Medical errors

• Breast cancer risk and outcomes

Program Development

   Identification of prominent ethnic groups to support:

• Targeted cultural competency training for employees

• Focus groups to explore beliefs about childbirth and post-delivery expectations

• Patient outreach to underrepresented populations

   Identification of disparities between racial or ethnic groups to support:

• Mobile unit providing free vaccines within neighborhoods with clustered minority populations

• Diabetes care improvement program within community health center

• Colon cancer screening program within community health center