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Table 3 Characteristics of encounter between doctor and patient

From: The representation of patient experience and satisfaction in physician rating sites. A criteria-based analysis of English- and German-language sites

Doctor-patient-relationship and Support Communication skills Trust Professional care Information and advice
1 Bedside manner (caring)/Spending enough time with me    Accuracy in diagnosing a problem/following up as needed after my visit  
2 Helpfulness (Is the doctor approachable and nice? Is he rude, arrogant, or just plain mean? Does he have a good bed-side manner?)    Knowledge  
3 Personal skills: Friendly and approachable Takes time to answer questions. (Do you feel rushed while talking? Does the doctor show concern for you? Do you have to repeat your case history every time?   Knowledge and skill: Diagnoses problems accurately, recommends best treatment. (Does your doctor have up-to-date medical skills? Can you get recommendation to a specialist easily?)  
4 friendliness and caring attitude/The extent that the doctor includes you in decisions about your care and treatment/How well MD follows-up on any problems or concerns you have    thoroughness of exam or check-up/Ability to get all of the care for your health problem or illness at this clinic. How well all questions were answered/instructions on how to take care of your illness or health condition
5 Friendly    Competence Informative
6 Personal skills Listening to you   Knowledge and professionalism  
7 Bedside manner (Do they make you feel comfortable)    Knowledge of medicine  
8 Personal attention during visit/shows caring & compassion Ability to communicate   Willingness to make referrals/quality of referrals Explanation/Coordination of medications
9 Bedside manner (attitude and conduct of a physician in the presence of a patient)   Patient confidence Medical knowledge (how knowledgeable the doctor is in his or her field)  
10 Helpful    Knowledgeable  
12 Caring, Helpfulness Understanding   Medical knowledge  
13    Privacy - upholding the need for a confidential and private atmosphere Interpersonal factors - was the doctor competent in your estimation Interpersonal actors - did you feel well-advised by the doctor? (Information on preventative exams, preventative options, diagnosis, prognosis, therapy, written information, education)
14 Friendliness (the doctor's conduct, openness, was the doctor empathetic and considerate) Did the doctor listen to you enough? Were your questions answered thoroughly and patiently? Relation of trust - did you feel yourself in good hands with this doctor? Was the doctor's diagnosis later confirmed? Did he follow up with the appropriate treatment? Education about illness and treatment/education about illness and treatment (were the explanations understandable to you?)
15 Satisfaction with the understanding, empathy, humaneness, being taken seriously, treated as a person; being involved in the decisions (satisfaction with support and advice)   Do you trust this care professional? Satisfaction with professional competence (thorough and diligent medical treatment, readiness to refer to other specialists) Satisfaction with information and advice
16 Doctor's friendliness, timeframe    Type and extent of examination Doctor's explanations, explanation of the results
17 Medfü Doctor-patient relation (did the doctor take enough time; how understandable were your instructions after leaving the office)   Medical secretary (satisfaction with the atmosphere of privacy) Medical services (satisfaction with the professional abilities of the doctor) Medical services (satisfaction with the information and advice, involvement in the treatment)
19 Doctor (patient involvement in choice of alternative therapies, friendliness, readiness to help, respectfulness)   Doctor (maintenance of the atmosphere of privacy) Doctor (thoroughness of examination, professional competence) Doctor (comprehensibility of explanation)
20     I find the relation between my treatment and the ensuing costs to be very good All of my questions were answered by the doctor and his/her team to my satisfaction
21      Advice