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Table 1 Referral indications during pregnancy care according to RCHC-4, Tanzania

From: Effectiveness of maternal referral system in a rural setting: a case study from Rufiji district, Tanzania

Category A
   Age below 20 years
   Ten or more years since last pregnancy
   Previous caesarean sectiona
   Previous stillbirth/perinatal death (within one week)
   Three or more consecutive abortions
   Intercurrent illnesses (heart disease, diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis)
Category B
   ≥5 pregnancies
   Height <150 cm
   Pelvic deformity
   First pregnancy at 35 or more years
   Previous caesarean sectiona or vacuum delivery
   Postpartum haemorrhage in previous delivery
   Retained placenta in the previous delivery
Category C
   Blood pressure ≥140/90 mmHg
   Haemoglobin less than 60% (8.5 gm/dl)
   Albumin in urine
   Sugar in urine
   Gestational age more than 40 weeks
   Intrauterine foetal death
   Abnormal lie after 36 weeks
   Oedema of the legs, face and hands
   Suspected twin pregnancy
   Fundal height too big or too small for gestation age
   Danger signsb
  1. aCaesarean section is in category A and B.
  2. bDanger signs are not stated