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Table 4 Minor changes made to the intervention during Phase 2

From: Integrating the promotion of physical activity within a smoking cessation programme: Findings from collaborative action research in UK Stop Smoking Services

Change made

Reason for change

Effect of change

Self-help guides for using physical activity as an aid also included information on pharmaco-therapies.

Advisors and clients requested information on available pharmaco-therapies previously given out on separate handouts to be added to self-help guide.

The distribution of fewer leaflets to clients was welcomed.

The pedometer goal of 10,000 steps was amended to a 10% increase in steps per week following the first wave of clinics.

Some less active clients became despondent about being able to achieve 10,000 steps per day.

Less active clients more motivated to make progressive changes, giving advisors an opportunity to give tailored guidance to individuals.

An advisor guide and index was produced that was cross-referenced to the weekly content of the self-help guide.

Advisors wanted an easier weekly guide to follow.

Some advisors found this very useful, others did not find it necessary.

An additional 7-day daily step count diary was developed and distributed with the SHGs.

Advisors reported that their clients wanted to be able to record their steps every day and see the pattern over a week.

Some clients used this form, whereas others did not.

Isometric exercises were added to the SHG.

Advisors reported some client interest in this, especially for those who could not go for a walk while at work.

A few clients found this helpful, however an audio file would have been more helpful.