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Table 1 Provided care and criteria for back referral to the glaucoma specialist

From: Cost-effectiveness of monitoring glaucoma patients in shared care: an economic evaluation alongside a randomized controlled trial

Activity GFU Usual care Criteria for back referral
Short history Every visit Every visit  
IOP* Every visit Every visit  
Medical prescriptions Every visit Every visit  
Optic disc assessment Never Every visit  
GDx ECC** Every visit At doctor's request (approx. once yearly) - Suspicion of progression
- In case of first GDxECC: NFI > 35 and/or left/right asymmetry and/or local defect.
HFA 24-2*** Yearly in moderate to advanced visual field damage****
OR at doctor's request
At doctor's request (approx. once yearly) Suspicion of progression
Snellen visual acuity Every visit As required, at least once yearly Decline in visual acuity of ≥ 2 lines
Overall judgement Every visit Every visit  
Timing next appointment Every visit Every visit  
  1. * IOP by Goldmann applanation tonometry
  2. ** GDx ECC (Carl Zeiss Meditec, Dublin, CA, USA) scanning laser polarimetric images
  3. *** Humphrey Field Analyser, standard 24-2 test algorithm (HFA 24-2; Carl Zeiss Meditec, Dublin, CA, USA)
  4. **** Criteria mild and moderate/severe visual field damage: the mean deviation (MD) of the last performed visual field was ≤ -5dB