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Table 2 Multivariate analysis and adjusted odd ratios among the factors influencing GP registration

From: Access to and utilisation of GP services among Burmese migrants in London: a cross-sectional descriptive study

Currently registered with a GPa Adjusted odd ratio (OR) 95% Confidence Interval for Adjusted Odd Ratio
   Lower Bound Upper Bound
Age younger than 35 years (versus 35 and older) 0.496 0.112 2.184
Having stable immigration status (versus not having) 5.543 1.219 25.200
Having National Insurance Number (versus not having) 9.974 1.937 51.361
Not being graduated (versus graduated) 0.702 0.202 2.439
Having foreign experience (versus not having) 9.592 0.984 93.523
English listening skill: Understand very well and well (versus below) 0.336 0.040 2.785
English speaking skill: very well and well (versus below) 3.840 0.317 46.557
Ability to describe illness: very well and well (versus below) 1.248 0.150 10.370
  1. a. The reference category is: No, haven't registered with GP