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Table 3 Summary of extracted informational points

From: What is known about the patient's experience of medical tourism? A scoping review

Themes Identified Main Issues Covered in Reviewed Sources Example
Decision-making Push factors High out-of-pocket costs for procedures in patients' home countries
  Pull Factors Hospitals known to deliver high quality care
  Information Sources Consulted Word-of-mouth
Motivations Procedure-based motivations Wanting access to procedures that are illegal or unavailable in home country
  Travel-based motivations Ease of booking
  Cost-based motivations Recommendation by employer or insurance company as a cost savings measure
Risks Risks to health Contracting infection while abroad
  Risks of travel Flying post-operatively
  Pre- and post-operative risks at home Little legal recourse in certain jurisdictions
First-hand accounts Positive and negative aspects of experiences Reports of being satisfied with care received
  Sensationalized issues Reports of needing to counter others' negative perceptions about destination countries
  Post-recovery life Reports of improved health status