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Table 3 Logistic regressions analyzing impact of intervention on offer of referrals and provision of a smoking cessation prescription or education related to pharmacotherapy

From: The effect of linking community health centers to a state-level smoker's quitline on rates of cessation assistance

Dependent variables

Odds Ratio

p-value (95%CI)

aReferral to NYS Quitline (n = 458)

Interaction (time and intervention)


.008 (1.25, 4.63)

bProvided pharmacotherapy education or prescription (n = 453)

Interaction (time and intervention)


.001 (1.26, 2.63)

  1. aLogistic regression with offer of referral to Quitline coded as 1. Adjusted for time to smoke upon waking.
  2. bLogistic regression medication education coded as 1. Adjusted for time to smoke, smoking frequency (everyday or some days), readiness to quit and age.