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Table 3 Cost of treating pressure ulcers grade 1 or 2 per day, based on pressure ulcer guideline [35]

From: An economic appraisal of the Australian Medical Sheepskin for the prevention of sacral pressure ulcers from a nursing home perspective

Action/Unit Recommend volume Price per unit Formula Costs per day (€)
Repositioning every 4 hours during a 24 hour period
(by a care assistant)
6 × 10 minutes =
60 minutes
€0.22 per minute 60*0.22 13.20
Anti-pressure ulcer mattress Not counted    Not counted
Informing patient Not counted    Not counted
Assessing nutritional status and giving adequate nutrition Single consultation with a dietician €0.34 per minute (15*0.34)/10 0.51
Assessing and treating pain
Assessing psychosocial situation
Single consultation with a nurse practitioner €0.30 per minute (15*0.30)/10 0.45
TOTAL     14.16