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Table 2 Quality assessment of the economic evaluations by using the 19-item CHEC-list[20].

From: Cost-effectiveness of collaborative care for the treatment of major depressive disorder in primary care. A systematic review

Study Score on the 19-point CHEC-list for economic evaluations
Von Korff et al[23] 6 5
Simon et al[24] 7 6
Simon et al[25] 9 6
Schoenbaum et al[26] 9 7
Liu et al[27] 7 6
Araya et al[28] 9 7
Katon et al[29] 8 5
Simon et al[30] 10 9
  1. CHEC-list: study population, competing alternatives, research question, perspective, relevant costs, relevant outcomes, incremental analysis, generalizability, sensitivity analysis.