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Table 4 Summarizes reported four case studies illustrated

From: The process of recovery of people with mental illness: The perspectives of patients, family members and care providers: Part 1

Case Diagnostic Family/Friend Care provider Divergence
1. Julie, 37-year-old, 1st hospitalization and diagnostic in 1990, no hospitalization in the last 5 years. Schizophrenic disorder Emma, 75-year-old, Julie's mother. Meg, psychologist, 25 years practice. Between Julie and her mother on internal and external aspect of recovery.
2. Diana, 52-year-old, 1st diagnostic in 1990, 3 hospitalizations in the last 5 years. Affective disorder Nancy, 63-year-old,
Eric, nurse, 22 years of practice. Between Nancy and Eric on the evaluation of Diana progress.
3. Lilly, 28-year-old, diagnostic in 2006, no hospitalization. Anxiety disorder Mary, 61-year-old, Lilly's mother. Sharon, occupational therapist, 16 years of practice. Between Mary and Sharon on the positive progress of Lilly.
4. Eve, 30-year-old, 1st hospitalization and diagnostic in 2007, 2 hospitalizations in the last 5 years. Borderline personality disorder Helen, 56-year-old, Eve's mother. John, support worker in a community organization, 3 years of practice. Between Eve, Marie and John on the context.