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Table 1 Indices used in allocation formula

From: Primary care capitation payments in the UK. An observational study

Index Brief description of index Interquartile range Change in percentage explained
Age Sex Index Compensates for higher consulting rates for women and patients at the extremes of age by weighting patients according to age and sex 0.93 - 1.05 39%
Additional Needs Index Deprivation related clinical workload indicator generated using Standard Mortality and Long Standing Illness data 0.91 - 1.10 58%
Rurality Index Generated from population density data and average distance of patients' homes from the practice main surgery 0.97 - 1.01 11%
MFF* Index Represents local labour costs and calculated according to the practice main surgery address 0.97 - 1.02 7%
List Turnover Index Compensates for high patient turnover and generated from counts of new patients 0.99 - 1.01 3%
NRH* Index Compensates for additional home visits generated by patients in nursing and residential care 1.00 - 1.00 3%
  1. † Original formula data for English and Welsh practices (1-4-2007).
  2. ‡ Change in percentage explained if index is removed from a multiple regression model containing all indices as predictors for overall Carr-Hill formula weighting (original formula data 2007). The model with all indices explains 97% of the variation of Carr-Hill weighting.
  3. * MFF denotes Market Forces Factor and NRH Nursing and Residential Home patients.