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Table 1 Description of participating clinics

From: Identifying the barriers to conducting outcomes research in integrative health care clinic settings - a qualitative study

Location (Province) Number of Practitioners Modalities Caseload Who was interviewed
British Columbia 12 MD, ND, Chiro, Yoga, M/B, TCM, RMT 100-300 Physician
British Columbia 3 MD, ND, TCM, <100 CAM Practitioner
Alberta 3 M/B, Nutrition, ND <100 CAM Practitioner
     CAM Practitioner- Manager
Alberta 11 ND, Nutrition, Dentist, TCM, M/B, MD 100-300 CAM Practitioner
     CAM Practitioner-Manager
Ontario 14 MD, RMT, TCM 100-300 CAM Practitioner
Ontario 10 Chiro, TCM, ND 100-300 CAM Practitioner-Manager
Ontario 9 ND, TCM, RMT, Chiro, MD, Yoga >300 Manager
Ontario 3 MD, M/B <100 Physician
Ontario 8 ND, MD, RMT, TCM 100-300 CAM Practitioner-Manager
Ontario 3 MD, ND <100 CAM- Practitioner
Ontario 11 MD, TCM, Phyio, M/B 100-300 CAM Practitioner-Manager
Ontario 3 MD, TCM, Physio, M/B 100-300 Manager-Clinic Director
Ontario 3 MD, ND, TCM <100 CAM-Practitioner
Ontario 10 MD, RMT, TCM >300 Clinic Director-Manager
     CAM Practitioner-Manager
Ontario 5 MD, ND, Physio, Chiro >300 Physician
Ontario 7 MD, M/B, Physio, Chiro >300 Physician-Manager
Quebec 2 MD, TCM, RMT, ND, Chiro, Physio <100 CAM Practitioner
Quebec 19 RMT, TCM, ND >300 Manager-Clinic Director
Nova Scotia 2 MD, ND, TCM 100-300 Physician
  1. Glossary: MD (physician), ND (naturopath), Chiro (chiropractor), Physio (Physical Therapy), TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), RMT (registered massage therapist), M/B (mind/body).