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Table 2 Components of the biopsychosocial multidisciplinary group intervention

From: Study protocol of effectiveness of a biopsychosocial multidisciplinary intervention in the evolution of non-speficic sub-acute low back pain in the working population: cluster randomised trial

GP + Nurse
2 hours
Objective: Resolve doubts, demystify concepts about LBP and promote adherence to the intervention
Theory program ▪ Basics on anatomy and biomechanics of the spine
  ▪ Pain mechanisms
  ▪ Causes of pain and predisposing factors
  ▪ Type of pain, mechanical, inflammatory, and severity
  ▪ Healthy life habits
Practical program ▪ Discuss with the participants the doubts, beliefs and myths about back pain and give positive messages
Physiotherapist 4 hours Objective: Provide tools on exercises/postures to avoid the pain and the chronic course and improve quality of life.
Theory program ▪ Body posture and its implication in pain
  ▪ Ergonomics
  ▪ Benefits of relative rest
Practical program ▪ Diaphragmatic breathing exercises as the basis for relaxation, body awareness and postural control.
  ▪ Pelvic floor/gyration exercises.
  ▪ Propioceptive and posture awareness exercises.
  ▪ Strengthening exercises of the psoas and the posterior chain: Paravertebral muscles, gluteus, ischiotibial muscles.
  ▪ Strengthening exercises of abdominal muscles, specially the abdominal transversus, gluteus, spinal extensors and scapular muscles.
Psychologist 4 hours Objective: Provide participants with cognitive-behavioural therapy techniques
Theory program ▪ Influences of cognitions, emotions and behaviour in pain
Practical program ▪ Relaxation guidelines and methods
  ▪ Cognitive restructuring (Modulation of negative thoughts affecting emotions and pain)
  ▪ Use of attention (Increasing attention focus)
  ▪ Assertiveness (improving social relationships)
  ▪ Problem solving (training in step by step techniques for decision making)
  ▪ Time organization and reinforcement of reform activities and physical exercise.
  ▪ Life values (increasing concordance between values and behaviour)
  ▪ Relapse prevention
  1. Notes: GP = general practitioner; LBP = Low back pain