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Table 1 Contents of the clinical guidelines applied in this cluster randomised trial

From: Study protocol of effectiveness of a biopsychosocial multidisciplinary intervention in the evolution of non-speficic sub-acute low back pain in the working population: cluster randomised trial

Clinical Practice Guidelines in the Pathology of the Lumbar Spine in Adults
   ▪ Patient education, give reassuring and positive information about the benign nature of LBP, offer written information including specific advice.
   ▪ Advise avoiding bed-rest and encourage the person to be physically active and continue with normal activities as far as possible.
   ▪ Consider offering a structured physical exercise program tailored to personal preferences
   ▪ Physical exercise should be introduced gently at first (walking, cycling, and swimming) and progressively increased in intensity.
   ▪ Recommend attendance at the "Back School" to those patients who have not resumed their daily tasks, after six weeks.
   ▪ Prescribe pharmacological treatment according to the established guidelines
  1. Notes: LBP = Low back pain