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Table 4 Univariate logistic regression results for health literacy levels, emergency department revisits, and hospital readmissions’ association

From: Impact of low health literacy on patients’ health outcomes: a multicenter cohort study

   Emergency Department Revisit ORunadj (95% CI)b P value Hospital Readmission
ORunadj (95% CI)b
P value
Total health literacy scorea Inadequate 3.00 (1.30–6.90) 0.01 2.01 (0.95–4.27) 0.069
  Marginal 2.28 (0.82–6.32) 0.11 2.01 (0.84–5.18) 0.111
  1. a Reference: Adequate, b ORunadj. Unadjusted Odds Ratio, CI Confidence Interval