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Table 2 Base case budget costs, parameters, treatment units

From: Budget impact analysis of a multifaceted nurse-led intervention to reduce indwelling urinary catheter use in New South Wales Hospitals

1. Costs
a. Catheterisations ($)  
Catheterisations (Catheter Packs)a $8.14  
b. Urinary Infection
Urine Tests (pre CAUTI)b $35.23  
Antibiotic Administrations (pre and post CAUTI)c $19.48  
2. Estimated Annual Parameter Ratesd
  Pre-Interventione Post-Interventionf
  (%) (%)
Catheterisations (per patient) 11.97% 10.27%
Urine Tests (Per catheterised patient) 43.46% 45.19%
Antibiotic Administrations (per catheterised patient) 7.60% 7.76%
  1. aNo-CAUTI Research records
  2. bMBS Items 69333 and 73930
  3. cBased on pooled antibiotic data from Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
  4. dWeighted for distribution differences between Metropolitan and Non-Metropolitan hospitals for No-CAUTI Trial and all public hospitals in NSW
  5. eAs observed in No-CAUTI trial data
  6. fModelled estimates of averages for twelve month post-intervention period
  7. All Costs inflated to 2019-2020 prices