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Table 5 Cost-effectiveness (CHF per patient) of VN versus SoC, discounted

From: Cost-effectiveness of voretigene neparvovec in the treatment of patients with inherited retinal disease with RPE65 mutation in Switzerland

Effectiveness SoC VN Difference
Blindness-free yearsa 20.65 28.32 7.67
Quality-adjusted survival (QALYs) 11.62 18.35 6.73
VN treatment 0 768’087 768’087
Eligibility testing (viable retinal cells) 0 493 493
Adverse events 0 768 768
Health care resource useb 137’252 132’305 -4’947
Total costs, healthcare system perspective 137’252 901’654 764’402
Incremental cost effectiveness, health care system perspective (base case)
ICER (CHF per blindness-free year gained)a 99,603
ICER (CHF per QALY gained) 113’526
  1. a Counting health state HS5 as ‘blindness’.
  2. b Including costs of technical assistance, community care and residential care.
  3. KEY: CHF Swiss francs, ICER incremental cost-effectiveness ratio, QALYs quality-adjusted life years, SoC standard of care, VN voretigene neparovec.