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Table 3 Summary of planning phase process facilitators

From: Relational aspects of building capacity in economic evaluation in an Australian Primary Health Network using an embedded researcher approach

Board and executive sponsorship Our Board are aware of us doing this, our innovation subcommittee is very aware of it. So there's going to be no restrictions there. All the exec are absolutely on board. SITE LEAD
Seniority of economists We were thinking anyone in the team could have been the economist that's going into these organisations. But the more we've got into it and the more we've understood from the sites potentially what it is that we could be doing, the more it became important that the outward-facing economist needs to have a particular set of skills. I think it's a combination of the soft skills around the relationship stuff, and being able to listen to somebody, extract a brief, and being able to apply, then the economics background that we have and bringing that critical reasoning to that other person's problem. eE 2
Appointment of site lead All of my interactions were via [SITE LEAD]…Because, just from a pragmatic point of view, the decision-making that happens in the organisation, you do need the authority behind it. eE 1