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Table 5 Available diversity-sensitive services and resources in participating German hospitals (2019, n = 112)

From: Diversity-sensitive measures in German hospitals – attitudes, implementation, and barriers according to administration managers

  % n
Medical or therapeutical services
 Option to be treated exclusively by staff of the same sex 41.1 46
 Group therapies offered for both sexes separately 17.0 19
 Diversity-sensitive courses and presentations (e.g., diabetes training adapted to culturally influenced illness perceptions) 36.6 41
 Option to choose between different therapies 38.4 43
Non-therapeutical services and resources
 Neutrally decorated prayer room 45.5 51
 Foreign language newspapers or magazines 11.6 13
 Foreign language TV stations (not including English speaking stations) 28.6 32
 Culturally sensitive menu selection (e.g., kosher or halal) 57.1 64
 Flexible opening hours of the cafeteria (e.g., after dusk during Ramadan) 0.9 1