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Table 6 Outcomes of women referred for home-based counselling

From: Implementation outcomes of a health systems strengthening intervention for perinatal women with common mental disorders and experiences of domestic violence in South Africa: Pilot feasibility and acceptability study

Outcomes of women referred for counselling n=198
n (%)
Received counselling
 Completed all counselling sessions 20 (10.1)
 Completed <3 counselling sessions 19 (9.6)
Did not receive any counselling
 Referred back to facility for specialised support 17 (8.6)
 Felt better by the time they were contacted 13 (6.6)
 No longer interested in counselling 35 (17.7)
 Could not be found 82 (41.4)
 Moved and was no longer living in the area supported by an NPO linked to the study 9 (4.5)
 Unavailable during working hours 3 (1.5)