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Table 3 Minimised intermediate solution for hard mandate QCA

From: ‘Leading from the front’ implementation increases the success of influenza vaccination drives among healthcare workers: a reanalysis of systematic review evidence using Intervention Component Analysis (ICA) and Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA)

Pathway/ Model Minimised pathway descriptions (see notes) Consistency PRI Raw Coverage Unique Coverage cases
1 TWOWAYENG*LEADSUP *DONTGOCOLD 1 1 0.408 0.137 Stuart; Babcock, Rakita, Smith
2 LEADSUP *EDUC *DONTGOCOLD 0.915 0.897 0.499 0.227 Drees, Frenzel; Babcock, Rakita, Smith
M1   0.932 0.921 0.636   
  1. Condition labels: TWOWAYENG = Two-way engagement; LEADSUP = Leadership support; EDUC = Educational component; DONTGOCOLD = Don’t go in cold. Upper case conditions indicate the condition is present and lower case indicate a condition is absent; * = ‘AND’ relationship; + = ‘OR’ relationship; Raw coverage: share of outcome covered by a configuration; Unique coverage: share of outcome uniquely coverage by a configuration. Only one model was generated as a solution (M1) with two pathways, suggesting no model ambiguity