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Table 1 Example author statements about factors perceived as vital to successful hard-mandate implementation

From: ‘Leading from the front’ implementation increases the success of influenza vaccination drives among healthcare workers: a reanalysis of systematic review evidence using Intervention Component Analysis (ICA) and Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA)

Education:Key factors that supported the success of the program included consistent communication emphasizing patient safety and quality of care.” (Babcock et al. 2010) [29]
Two-way engagement: “Continued stakeholder engagement is required to ensure that the decision-making process is collaborative and the Policy is not viewed as punitive.” (Ksienski 2014) [30]
Don’t go in cold: “Sequential expansion of the program over several years was a key element to the success.” (Frenzel et al. 2016) [36]
Leadership support: “Without a strong endorsement from the CEO, president, and governing board, it is unlikely that the program would have been successful.” (Rakita et al. 2010) [32]