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Table 7 Distribution of consumer opinions (%) on the strengths of remote retail sales of medicines

From: The modern Russian pharmaceutical market: consumer attitudes towards distance retailing of medicines

Strengths of remote retailing of medicines Opinions (%) of consumers
Accessibility for persons with disabilities 80.3
Possibility to order a medicine at any time and place 77.5
Saves time (no time-consuming trip to the pharmacy) 76.6
Security during pandemic 74.5
Ability to self-identify the availability of necessary medicines 60.6
Ability to order different products in one place (on one website) 53.7
The ability to choose the right medicine from a wide range of products 40.4
Saving money (prices are lower than in a traditional pharmacy) 36.1
The ability to shop for medicines in the comfort of your home 31.7
Ability to obtain a large amount of information about the medicine 30.3
Lack of influence of the pharmacy worker on consumer choice 19.3
Absolute confidence in the efficacy and safety of the medicine 3.2
There are no strengths 3.2