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Table 6 Distribution of consumer perceptions (%) of weaknesses in distance retailing

From: The modern Russian pharmaceutical market: consumer attitudes towards distance retailing of medicines

Weaknesses in remote retailing of pharmaceuticals Opinions (%) of consumers
Existence of a risk of ineffective or unsafe medicine 71.6
Lack of confidence in the legitimacy of distance selling of medicines 48.2
Lack of pharmaceutical counselling in the choice of medicines 43.1
Increases the risk of medicine abuse and harm to health 31.2
Possible failure to deliver the medicine to the address specified by the purchaser 21.6
Difficulties in self-selection due to the availability of equivalents 19.7
Possibility of buying unnecessary medicines and wasting money 19.3
Lack of pharmaceutical counselling in the delivery of medicines 10.3
Possible overpricing of medicines 8.7
Inability to order some medicines (psychotropic medicines, etc.) 7.8
There are no weaknesses 7.6
The process of ordering and purchasing medicines is slowed down 7.3
Technical problems with the Internet 6.0