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Table 2 Identification of the weaknesses of distance retailing by the method of discussion in focus groups

From: The modern Russian pharmaceutical market: consumer attitudes towards distance retailing of medicines

Anticipated weaknesses of distance retailing of medicines Respondent’s opinion (%)
The risk of receiving an ineffective medicine 61.11
The risk of receiving an unsafe medicine (expired) 61.11
Lack of confidence in the eligibility of organization which trading medicines remotely 44.44
Increased risk of drug abuse 38.88
Increased risk of self-treatment 44,.44
Possible lack of delivery to hard-to-reach places 50.00
Difficulties in self-selection of medicines due to the presence of analogues 33.33
The possibility of buying unnecessary medicines and wasting money 50.00
Lack of consultation with a pharmacist when delivering medicines 61.11
Possible overpricing of medicines 33.33
Impossibility of ordering narcotic and psychotropic drugs 33.33
Impossibility of ordering poisonous and potent drugs 27.77
The process of making an order and buying medicines is slowing down 33.33
Technical problems in the work of Internet 38.88
Lack of social contacts when buying medicines online 16.66