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Table 1 Identification of the strengths of distance retailing through focus group discussions

From: The modern Russian pharmaceutical market: consumer attitudes towards distance retailing of medicines

Anticipated strengths of distance retailing of medicines Respondent’s opinion (%)
Accessibility for the disabled 100
Accessibility for the elderly 89
Possibility to order medicines at any time 83.33
Possibility to order medicines to anywhere 83.33
Opportunity to order medicines without interrupting work 55.55
Opportunity to order medicines while doing personal business 66.66
Sefety during pandemic 94.44
Ability to check the availability of medicines when ordering 55.55
Ability to order different products in one place (on one website) 61.11
Possibility of self-selection of medicines from a wide range 66.66
Lack of pharmacy worker influence on consumer choice 72.22
Lack of promotional items 27.77
Saving money 44.44
Possibility to buy medicines from home in bad weather 61.11
Ability to obtain a large amount of information about the medicines 61.11
Confidence in the effectiveness and safety of medicines 50
No strengths 16.66