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Table 1 Audited KZN rural PHC clinics access to technology resources

From: The effect of a mobile-learning curriculum on improving compliance to quality management guidelines for HIV rapid testing services in rural primary healthcare clinics, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: a quasi-experimental study

District Internet provider Email access Connectivity status
Amajuba DOH Personal Internet facilities provided, but coverage is poor and internet is slow
Umzinyathi  _  _ No internet access or access to email: clinic relies on the PHC manager at the hospital to deliver printed mail
Umgungundlovu NGO Personal No internet access, email accessed through personal devices
Harry Gwala DOH Personal Wifi provided, however coverage is poor and the internet is very slow, “I was not able to send an email to the clinic until I was able to reach the nearest town.”
Umkhanyakude _ Personal No internet facilities provided, the clinic manager uses her personal email on her phone
Zululand NGO Personal No department provided email, but NGO provided for access to emails
KingCetshwayo NGO Personal The router was stolen and not replaced. Email accessed through clinic manager’s personal phone
Ilembe NGO Personal Wifi provided and accessible
Ugu _ _ The clinic has no internet and no access to email. An attempt to send course access information via whatsapp, however participant could not participate
Ethekwini DOH Personal Wifi connection and smart phones provided, however data gets depleted quickly and top ups are not permissible
Uthukela _ Personal The clinic has no access to government provided internet services