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Table 2 Attributes and levels of health care service for determining the preference of hospital toward attributes of health care service in Wolaita Zone, 2020

From: Effect of hospital attributes on patient preference among outpatient attendants in Wolaita Zone, Southern Ethiopia: discrete choice experiment study

Attributes Levels Conceptual Definition
Health care provider competence -Good competent HCP
-Moderate competent HCP
-Poor competent HCP
The competence of HCP was categorized based on technical skills, knowledge, ability, physician–patient communication, team care, empathy, trust, and respectful care of health care providers
Availability of medical equipment and supply -Fully available equipment and supply
-Partially available equipment and supply
-Not available
The availability of equipment and drug supply was classified according to the availability of all major examination or intervention equipment or drugs, and the supply was available at a needed time in the hospital
Distance from the hospital -Near to the hospital
-Distant from hospital
The distance from the facility was classified according to the distance from the patient's resident (those residing less than 5 km from the hospital were classified as near to the hospital and otherwise distant)
Hospital Reputation  (Other patients rating of hospital) -Good hospital reputation
-Moderate hospital reputation
-No information on hospital reputation
-Poor hospital reputation
The hospital's reputation was ranked based on information received from other patients on the overall hospital rating. This is based on their experience with the hospital, including cleanliness, the quality of the rooms, the quality of the food, the friendliness and communication skills of the staff, and the personal quality of the physician
Waiting time -1/2 h
-1 h
-3 h
Wait times were classified based on time spent in the hospital until consultation with care providers and classification was based on responses from twenty respondents
Service Cost -0 ETB
-100 ETB
-300 ETB
-500 ETB
-1000 ETB
The cost of the service was classified based on the response of 20 respondents and evaluated based on the amount the person has to pay for the service